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Scroll gives you special ad-free versions of all your favorite news sites. From cleaner pages to handy reading tools, Scroll lets you experience great content with new focus—and pays publishers more than advertising. Scroll is $4.99/month, and we're offering an introductory rate of $2.49/month for the first 6 months.

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No matter how you find an article, Scroll’s ad-free experience is there. Whether you discover content in blogs or on apps like Twitter and Reddit, whether you’re on desktop or mobile, it just works—because who needs another thing to check in the morning?

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When life interrupts your reading, Scroll helps you automatically pick up where you left off. Find a story on your laptop and resume from the same spot on your phone. Need to get in the car? Switch to audio on the go.

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When you visit sites in Scroll’s network, publishers earn more than they would from advertising. More money means more journalists writing stories you want to read—it’s a critical loop.

The back of the Pope's head against a grey sky.
Streets packed with protesters at the Women's March on Washington in front of the US Capitol.
Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak and former US Defense Secretary James Mattis walk flanked by soldiers at attention.
Two elderly people share coffee near a subtle medical alert button.

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