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Scroll is a mission-driven company that believes you shouldn’t have to choose between a thriving free press and a great user experience. With Scroll, journalists get paid to report the stories important to democracy and readers experience the news in a way that lets them focus and engage. We don’t believe in making small plans.

We’re backed by the world’s best VCs and publishers including Union Square Ventures, The New York Times, and Uncork Capital.

Scroll has offices in New York City and Portland, Oregon and we encourage travel between them both. Sometimes you want to be working at the pace of New York City, and sometimes you want to go hiking in the Pacific Northwest after work. So do we.

We believe that great companies are built on camaraderie, a sense of purpose, and a love of learning, and we like to reflect that in what we do. You’ll find us taking woodworking, archery, and knife skills classes, hiking the Columbia Gorge, and playing board games well and poker badly.

Members of the Scroll team practicing their archery skills.
The Scroll team against the background of the Columbia Gorge, with mountains and a river.
Members of the Scroll team chopping vegetables
Member of the Scroll team cutting wood.

Our benefits

Every employee is considered an owner of the company with strong salary and equity packages. We pay 90% of health and dental insurance costs for employees and families, and we offer a 401K to help save for retirement. Plus employees can spend up to $5,000 a year on education and training.

Work-life balance

We’re a startup, with all the speed and excitement that brings. But we’re also a startup where many people have kids, so we aim for a good work-life balance. We try to be as generous and flexible as possible when it comes to paid time-off, and we don’t want to hear from you when you're on vacation! Parents receive 16 weeks of parental leave over the first two years.

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Open positions

Sorry, there are no open positions at this time. Excited about Scroll? Our needs are constantly evolving—drop us a line anyway.

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