A phone shows ad-free browsing with Scroll, including additional features provided by Scroll at the bottom of every parter page.

With Scroll, you can experience an ad-free internet that is fast, clean and safe.

But that's not all.

Finish that great read

Scroll makes it easy to finish that great read. Start a story on your laptop and finish it later on your phone. Scroll will keep your place each time for a seamless reading experience.

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A desktop and phone show the same article, with the reading place saved by Scroll technology.

Audio on the go

Need to go hands-free? You can listen to any article both on the web or in the app. And since Scroll keeps your place in each article, you can pick up right where you left off. Just look for the listening icon.

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A phone and pair of ear buds shows the ability to listen to any article ad-free with Scroll.

Revisit your favorite stories

Browse recent articles that you’ve read or easily get back to your bookmarks. You can also search your reading history for specific keywords. Scroll makes it easy to revisit and share your favorite reads.

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An Android and iPhone X show the reading history page of the Scroll app.

Works everywhere you find articles

Scroll works everywhere that you read articles. Open articles from your favorite websites or blogs, a beloved newsletter, or apps like Twitter and Facebook. Whether you’re on desktop or mobile, it just works.

Note: Scroll works with publishers within our partner network

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