A phone shows ad-free browsing with Scroll, including additional features provided by Scroll at the bottom of every parter page.

Life on a better internet doesn’t stop at faster, more private, and ad-free

Seamless syncing

Start a story on your laptop and finish it later on your phone or tablet. Find your stories easily with the Scroll app. You're no longer limited to reading a story where you found it.

A desktop and phone show the same article, with the reading place saved by Scroll technology.

Works in your favorite browsers and apps

Scroll is designed to give you a fast, clean, ad-free experience no matter how you access our growing network of sites. Setting up Scroll to work across the browsers and apps you use most is simple and fast.

Search the text of articles

Find that killer quote you remember with full text search of your article archive. Browse recent articles or filter by keyword or site.

An Android and iPhone X show the reading history page of the Scroll app.