So, what is Scroll…
and how does it work?

Scroll is a cleaner, ad-free reading experience that works everywhere you find great content and pays publishers for the time you spend reading, leading to more great content and less clickbait. A better internet for everyone.

What makes Scroll different?

It’s not an ad-blocker.

Scroll works directly with partner sites so ads aren’t loaded in the first place—you get the cleanest, fastest page possible without distracting ads, buggy page loading or annoying pre-rolls and pop-ups blocking your reading experience.

Read without the app.

Scroll automatically kicks in and starts working wherever you find our partners’ content—whether you’re reading right on your favorite site or clicking a link from Twitter, texts, feed readers or Reddit.

No extension necessary.*

You don’t have to add an extension to your browser—just log in and it works.

Just log in and start reading.

Simple as that.


Open in your preferred browser.


Enter your email address to log in.


Start reading the news on your favorite sites, ad-free.

Any time you visit a partner site, they check with to see if you’re a member.

(If you are, the typical ads and trackers you would normally see simply don’t load. You’ll enter a magical world of fast, clean, beautiful reading.)

What if I want to stop using Scroll?

If you want a reminder of the everyday internet loaded with ads, trackers, and all that nonsense, just log out of in your browser and go about your daily life. That’s it.

Illustration of ad-filled desktop browser without Scroll


Some browsers are more complicated because they don’t give you a way to separate the sites you actually trust from the ones you shouldn’t. Chrome and Firefox are great already. Safari and Brave are hopefully not too far behind (and in the meantime, we use a browser extension for Safari).