There is one paramount question in media: how to fund quality content without degrading the consumer experience.

There’s no shortage of great journalism online, but it is overwhelmed and underfunded in a distraction economy that neither values the work nor its readers. No amount of contortions and compromises have made the business of journalism any more stable.

We need to change the way we do things. We want to create a sustainable experience that puts amazing content in front of engaged users without all the noise. We want to pierce filter bubbles and leverage economic models that can afford uncomfortable truths. At this time, a journalist’s ability to sustainably shine a light on corruption or inspire those in need of hope has only become more vital, our need to hear words outside our comfort zone only more urgent. That’s why we’re building Scroll.

Over the last few months we’ve brought together a team of experts in content services, subscription models and engineering from Chartbeat, Spotify and Foursquare, among others. We’re backed with $3m in funding from some of the most respected and mission-driven venture capitalists in the world led by Jeff Clavier of Softtech with OATV, Founder Collective, Jason Calacanis, Tom Glocer and three of the world’s biggest publishers, Axel Springer, Newscorp and the New York Times.

Industry-scale problems are rarely solved by working alone. We’re working with the best minds across a broad range of media companies to build a better way. If you want to partner with Scroll, work at Scroll or simply learn more as we build let us know how to reach you. This affects all of us and needs all of us.

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