Scroll makes Platform De.Central better

Here’s how:

  1. We do away with ads
  2. You support journalism you love
  3. Cleaner, faster, everywhere

Now that’s a better internet.

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We do away with ads

No ads means a cleaner internet with no distractions that’s twice as fast and much more private.

The internet with and without Scroll

Video description: A news website before Scroll with lots of busy ads transforms to a clean reading experience after Scroll.


You support journalism you love

With your membership, our partner sites make 40% more money than they would’ve made from the ads we just did away with.

Ad Money

Scroll Money

(It's 40% more)

Scroll partner sites

“Scroll is a subscription system that turns off ads, pays publishers, and doesn’t lock me into any particular app.”


Cleaner, faster, everywhere

Scroll works in whichever browser you use, across all your devices. Anytime. Anywhere.

Scroll is everywhere you browse